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Victor M326 Rat Snap Trap Holdfast rat trap has a larger bait pedal that resembles cheese (though it can be baited with anything), is easier to set then normal traps, and also has a sensitivity setting that will prevent the trap from snapping due to vibrations in the environment. Rat traps work very well and kill rats instantly. Trap measures 7″ L x 3.25″ W. Thickness of the trap is approx half-inch. You can’t go wrong with this professional version of the classic rat trap, the Victor M326 Rat Snap Trap.

  • Expanded trigger for highest catch rates
  • For clean and quick trapping
  • Can be used around children and pets
  • Large pedal is easily activated
  • No need for chemicals or rodent poisons
  • Easy disposal
  • Made environmentally responsible from Forest Stewardship Council® Certified wood
  • Provides visible proof of rodent capture
  • Made in the U.S.A

Accessories Optional

Traprite Cardboard (2152) Bait Box

Manufacturer Victor
Product Label
Assembly Instruction Easy Set up Instructions
Target Pest Rats
Active Ingredient Constructed from environmentally responsible, Forest Stewardship Council certified wood, comes pre-baited with a large, scented plastic swiss cheese trip pedal that is easily activated
For Use Residential, commercial, or industrial buildings
Product Dimensions 7″ L x 3.25″ W. Thickness of the trap is approx half-inch
Mixture/Application Should be placed where rodents travel, such as along walls at 2 to 3 foot intervals. Safe to use, but should be used in places not readily accessible to pets and children to prevent tampering. Refer to label.
Suggested Videos How to Set the Victor Rat Trap

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Dimensions 7.48031 × 3.54331 × 1.9685 in

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