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Pyrocide 100 contains 1% pyrethrins and 5% PBO providing fast, effective control of even the toughest indoor pest infestation. Pyrocide 100 is one of the only “USA refined” Pyrethrum insecticides. This means the plant waxes that naturally occur in pyrethrum (a plant extract) have been removed, allowing for easy application without fear of clogged equipment or downtime. Product may be applied indoors using mechanical fogging, thermal fogging or appropriate spraying equipment. Great flushing action and quick insect knockdown.
Accessories Optional N/A
Packaging Gallon
Manufacturer MGK
Product Label Label
Target Pest Stored product pests, crawling insects and flying insects. Refer to product label for complete list.
Active Ingredient 1% pyrethrum fogging concentrate Synergized with Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO) and MGKA®-264
For Use Indoors:  Labeled for use in Food and Non-Food areas of food processing facilities, restaurants, stored food areas, warehouses, schools, hotels, and other commercial buildings,Homes, Ships, Trucks and Trains. Not labeled for use outdoors.
Yield N/A
Mixture/Application May be diluted or undiluted
Shipping Restrictions NY

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