Bio-Gel Drain Cleaning Agent Quart


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Bio-Gel is a unique, biologically enhanced formula to remove organic debris. Bio-Gel reduces foul odors and improves drain flow and is safe for all drain lines. It contains natural materials commonly found in the environment and is ready to use and offers superior hard surface cleaning. By removing organic debris, Bio-Gel assists the flying insect management program by removing the food and breeding source of many fly species, including Drosophila Sp. Bio-Gel should be used as a programmed approach in conjunction with professional sticky board UV fly killers and baited fly monitoring traps.
  • Synergized, Chlorine and Ammonia resistant bacterial blend to effectively remove organic build-ups
  • Thickened product specifically designed with excellent clinging properties
  • Ready-To-Use with Extra-Long shelf life
  • Bio-degradable, non-toxic, non-pathogenic, non-caustic
  • Non-corrosive, salmonella-free and pathogen-free
  • Reduces foul odors, improves drain flow and is safe for all drain lines
  • Fresh Lemon Fragrance
Accessories Optional 190363
Manufacturer Pest West Environmental
Product Label
Target Pest Organic debris and flies
Active Ingredient Microbes and Citrus Oil
For Use Commercial, Industrial, Medical and Residential buildings. Can be used in food and non-food areas
Yield Apply 4 oz to each drain once daily for one week
Mixture/Application Refer to label.
Shipping Restrictions N/A

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Weight 2.18 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 3 × 11 in

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