Trap-Rite Cardboard Rat Bait Box


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TrapRite stations are ideal for both residential and commercial applications, and research shows rodents prefer cardboard over plastic stations. Also, by trapping rodents inside the box using traditional snap traps and glue boards you contain the biohazard in an economical and disposable station. Use TrapRite stations in sensitive areas where rodents are restricted or prohibited, such as schools, hospitals and food facilities.
  • Ideal for snap traps and glue boards, sold separately
  • Non-rodenticide trapping
  • Increase safety around children and pets
  • Lower cost of maintenance control programs
Bait Box XL accommodates 510416, 720177, 600065 Bait Box M accommodates 600065, 610415, 776692

Additional information

Weight 0.220462 lbs
Dimensions 23.622 × 20.4724 × 0.787402 in

Mice – Each, Mice – 10-pack, Mice – 25-pack, Mice – 50-pack, Rat – Each, Rat – 10 pack, Rat – 25-pack, Rat – 50-pack


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