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T1 Disposable Rat Bait Station combines the safety of the industry’s most secure tamper resistant bait station with the speed and effectiveness of Bell Lab’s quick killing Fastrac Blox. The T1 station meets the standards for EPA’s highest level of bait station security. T1 Rat Bait Station is designed as an excellent alternative for rodent baiting due to the recent EPA mitigation decision.
Accessories Optional N/A
Manufacturer Bell Labs
Product Label Label Rat
Target Pest Rat
Active Ingredient Bromethlin 0.01%
For Use Indoors or Outdoors. Station is weather resistant
Yield One time use station, disposable
Mixture/Application Place the bait station at highest point of activity beside burrows, along a wall or in corner where mice or their signs have been seen. With mulitple stations, place at 8-12 feet intervals. Always maintain an fresh bait for 15 days or until mice activity has ceased. Refer to label.
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