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Protecta LP Bait Stations are tamper resistant, low profile bait stations that can be used for either rat or mice control. The stations automatically close with a key, making them safe to be around children, pets, and non-targeted animals. These low profile bait stations fit snugly in corners and lay flush along the walls. Rodents prefer to travel along walls and in corners, making these bait stations convenient to use. The low profile design is particularly useful to fit under pallets, furniture, and any other tight baiting locations. It is triangular shaped and measures 3 3/8″ by 9″. For use inside or outside buildings, and residential or commercial areas in both urban or rural areas. They are used around perimeter of homes as exterior protection, industrial areas, manufacturing operations, and warehousing. Use one station every 30-40 feet along the walls or path ways, depending on infestation. Station has interior baffles that will help guide the rodent to the feeding area that holds bait. It comes with vertical and horizontal rods that secures bait in place. These rods will help protect bait from heat or water damage. They can be mounted vertically or horizontally. This low profile bait station is easy to use as it locks automatically when closed and unlocks with a special 2-prong key that also opens other Bell bait stations. Does not include bait.
Accessories Optional Weather Blok XT Rodenticide
Manufacturer Bell Labs
Product Label Label
Target Pest Rodents, rats and mice
Active Ingredient Heavy-duty, injection-molded plastic
For Use Inside or outside use. Place near runways of rodent’s path. Typical areas are corners and along walls. Use one station every 30-40 feet along the walls or path ways, depending on infestation.
Yield It’s large enough to accommodate six rats and holds up to one pound of dry rodent bait and one pint of liquid rodent bait, or can be outfitted with Trapper Snap Traps. Refer to label.
Mixture/Application N/A
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